How dry cleaning keeps clothes from shrinking.

There’s nothing like pulling your favorite shirt from the dryer only to discover that it’s a few sizes smaller than when it went in. Not only is this frustrating, but it can end up costing you money because it won’t be long before you replace all of these shrunken pieces of clothes. Whether your spouse is notorious for shrinking garments, or you try to prevent this common laundry faux pas from happening with no luck, there is an easier solution. Here we explore a few ways that dry cleaning can prevent your clothes from shrinking (once and for all!).

Dry cleaners are skilled at cleaning a variety of fabrics

While there are a few different factors that can result in clothing to shrink after the cleaning process, one essential aspect is how you handle the different fabrics. Even when you’re diligent about reading labels and following the directions to the letter, when the fabric is mishandled, it can lead to shrinkage. A dry cleaner is skilled at treating the many unique fibers and weaves of clothing material with care to ensure the integrity stays intact throughout the washing and drying process.

Your clothes are handled with the utmost care

There’s a good chance your favorite clothes react to the at-home temperatures they’re cleaned at. One misstep or wrong cycle setting can cause the fabric to shrink. Dry cleaners use the latest techniques to ensure that each piece of your laundry is washed with attention to detail.

Specific items need to avoid going into machines altogether because water is a primary culprit in causing fabrics to shrink. Rather than water, dry cleaners use particular solvents to clean and remove stains from the garment. The experts are diligent at separating clothing by material and colors to ensure each piece gets the attention it deserves.

Don’t take any more chances!

If you want to prevent your favorite wardrobe pieces from shrinking (and to extend their life), enlist a reputable dry cleaning service. At Old Dominion Cleaners, our specialists use friendly cleaning solutions that keep clothes from shrinking and leaves the colors vibrant.


What clothes should I not wash at home?

We can practically hear men and women across Richmond, Va. asking themselves this very question on a daily basis. Truth is, good dry cleaning doesn’t have to cost much, in terms of time or money—at least not if you use Old Dominion Cleaners—and it can save some precious items.

So, does the type of clothing you’re looking at actually require a trip to your favorite dry cleaner, or can you wash it at home? That’s best answered on a case-by-case basis, but here are a few things you should always bring to us for professional cleaning…

Anything Needing A Crisp Pressing

If you wear dress shirts or polos or cotton pants to work and you want to look professional, these items always look better after they’ve been cleaned and pressed professionally. We have the right equipment and powerful boilers to make sure your garments are pressed without a wrinkle to help you look your best.


Suits have the double distinction of being expensive and being made from delicate fabrics. You certainly wouldn’t want to run them through a home washing machine or expose them to water. So, in order to keep them looking great, fitting right, and feeling perfect, you should definitely have yours dry cleaned regularly.

Clothes Marked “Dry Clean Only”

This one might seem obvious, but we do see a lot of clothing items with these labels that have been damaged by washing machines and laundry detergents. If a manufacturer has specified a piece of clothing for dry cleaning, it’s usually because the fabric, dye, or accessories (like buttons and sequins) are particularly delicate.

Some Leather and Suede Items

Certain types of softer leather and suede can be easily damaged or scratched, making them good candidates for dry cleaning. And even finished leathers don’t always stand up well to water and harsh soaps, which can remove their protective coatings and cause them to deteriorate quickly. As a rule of thumb, if you aren’t sure how to clean something that’s made of leather or suede, or don’t have the right materials for the job, it’s better to bring it to us.

Heavily Stained Items

If you have a piece of clothing that you love, but that has been heavily stained with grease or something else that’s difficult to get out of the fabric, we might be able to help. Even if it is an item that isn’t normally brought into a dry cleaner, it might be worth having our specialists take a look to see what we can do. Often, we are able to restore treasured pieces of clothing to like-new condition because we have access to equipment and cleaning solutions most people don’t.

Clothing That’s Going to Be Stored

Wedding dresses, quilts, favorite Christmas sweaters, and other miscellaneous pieces can all be dry cleaned before storage. That will stop stains and dirt from setting in, and ensure that your item will be fresh and ready the next time you go looking for it.

If you’re ever unsure of whether or not to wash a delicate or special item at home, don’t take a chance. Give it to Old Dominion Cleaners, where we will make it look better and last longer. We’re happy to let you know how we can help!

5 tips for easy stain cleanup

The dry cleaning experts at Old Dominion Cleaners offer up some “first aid” tips to help you with those annoying stains that seem to pop up at the least convenient times and in the least convenient places. Ideally, if there is such a thing, your fabrics would become stained at home where you have easy access to the washing machine and your arsenal of cleaners and favorite home remedies but that’s not the way it always happens.

Stains arrive when you are at a fine restaurant, a fast food joint with the kids, at a friend’s house party, playing with the kids in a park, or any place where you have the potential to get scrapped or cut. At home or way there are easy tips to get rid of the most common stains.

5 Tips for Easy Stain Cleanup

Let’s talk about those common stains that visit the Greater Richmond Area families.

  1. Tomato based stains. Who hasn’t splashed a pasta sauce or dribbled ketchup from a burger? Depending on the consistency, blot or scape the sauce and then apply soda water using a damp cloth. If you are in dining establishment they will almost always have soda water. When you get home mix up lemon juice and cream of tartar, apply it to the stain and then wash.
  2. Blood stains. There are tons of home remedies for cleaning up blood but here’s a favorite of ours. Use an ice cube. Put a cloth under the stained area to soak up melted water and then place an ice cube directly on top of the blood. Let it sit for a minute o two then remove the cube. If there is a reddish tint left, rub it with the edge of the cube and it will go away.
  3. Food grease. Is fried chicken a favorite around your house? Do the kids tend to use their clothes rather than napkins to wipe their hands? Those grease stains don’t have to be a chore. Sprinkle cornstarch on them and let the powder soak up the grease. Brush the powder off then wash as normal.
  4. Ink stains. This is tough. Ink is a difficult stain to remove particularly with some common fabrics. Short of calling us and having the stain professionally treated, you can try soaking the area in rubbing alcohol and then blotting the stain with a clean cloth.
  5. Grass stains. Go outside but don’t get dirty…not going to happen. Grass stains show up on brand new shorts, jeans, uniforms and other rough and tumble apparel. The easy fix, toothpaste. Put a small amount of tooth paste (not gel) on the stain and then work it with an old tooth brush. Toothpaste is an abrasive. It’s kind of like mild sandpaper. The stain will mostly disappear and then wash as normal.

There are more tips of course but we hope these will help you with the most common. If you have a really stubborn stain or a stain on fine fabrics like silk or leather, call us today and we’ll pick up your order and sic our stain experts on the offending parts. Visit us at for more answers to freaquently asked dry cleaning questions.

Benefits of professional dry cleaning.

drycleaning-101Most of the time when your clothes are dirty, you just throw them in the washer and toss it in the dryer right after. However, in some circumstances the washer and dryer can do your clothes more harm than good – that is why we suggest dry cleaning your clothing items.

Everyday we will pick up your clothes and bring them to our dry cleaners. But, do you truly know the benefits of professional dry cleaning?

  1. If you use a professional dry cleaning service, you will not have to worry about your clothes shrinking or running colors because no water is used.
  2. No need to worry about loose buttons, at the dry cleaners they will repair buttons, if needed.
  3. Dry cleaners can remove stains from your favorite items, allowing you to extend the wear of your clothing.
  4. Saves you time. By dry cleaning your clothes you are able to not worry about folding nor ironing – dry cleaning allows you tackle other items on your to do list.
  5. Need something altered? Dry cleaning has you covered. Have you loved a piece of clothing so much but it got too small or too big? At the dry cleaners they can alter clothing items for you.

Feeling inspired to get your clothes dry cleaned? Let Old Dominion Cleaners service you with free pick up and delivery at your home or office.  Visit us at


ODC ELITE wash and fold service.

Here is a view of a few delicate blouses that were cleaned by our ELITE wash and fold service.  These items were washed, dryed, and came out of the dryer ready to wear.  Since these delicates were not dry cleaned, this customer saved at least $20.00 on their cleaning bill.  Most dry cleaners in the area charge between $4.75-$8.00 to dry clean a blouse.  At least 50% of the blouses sent to the cleaners can be washed on a gentle cycle and cleaned with the same level of efficacy as a dry cleaning machine.  With our ELITE wash and fold, you can cut the dry cleaning bill by at least 50%. Visit us at:

4 Reasons you should hire a laundry service.

4 Reasons you should spend money on having your laundry done by a laundry service.

1. Time is money.

There are only so many hours in the day – and there are only so many days in a summer. So take back those lost hours waiting for laundry to finish. Take back those wasted nights waiting for the timer to buzz for the 4th time because your apartment machines are small and require four loads. Spend your new-found time with friends, on a patio, with that much deserved glass of wine.

2. You have to spend your money on something.

I completely understand that I could be making a huge financial mistake here. I could be saving money for a trip to Portugal instead. But in reality – how often do I blow $30 on a whim at a bar? Or order an appetizer with dinner? Or get your nails done at lunch? But the point is – money gets spent. We choose how to spend it. And the laundry service is worth every penny.

3. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Can you count how many items of clothing you have ruined because I refused to separate your whites, darks, colors, your reds, delicates, and my lululmeon (because yes, lululemon recommends an entirely separate load because of “the special, porous, breathable fabric”…). Old Dominion Cleaners assures you by promising to separate all loads to avoid any color bleeding. And it has to be true based on customer experience. Check out some of our reviews:…

4. Because you can.

We live in a beautiful modern world where we can pretty much do anything we want. So if you want to get your laundry professionally done, you can. Whatever the reason. The desire to save time, lack of time, lack of machine, lack of decent machine, or you’ve figured out that your free time is worth more than $7-$8 an hour. A laundry service is one of the greatest life-hacks you will ever discover.

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