Benefits of professional dry cleaning.

drycleaning-101Most of the time when your clothes are dirty, you just throw them in the washer and toss it in the dryer right after. However, in some circumstances the washer and dryer can do your clothes more harm than good – that is why we suggest dry cleaning your clothing items.

Everyday we will pick up your clothes and bring them to our dry cleaners. But, do you truly know the benefits of professional dry cleaning?

  1. If you use a professional dry cleaning service, you will not have to worry about your clothes shrinking or running colors because no water is used.
  2. No need to worry about loose buttons, at the dry cleaners they will repair buttons, if needed.
  3. Dry cleaners can remove stains from your favorite items, allowing you to extend the wear of your clothing.
  4. Saves you time. By dry cleaning your clothes you are able to not worry about folding nor ironing – dry cleaning allows you tackle other items on your to do list.
  5. Need something altered? Dry cleaning has you covered. Have you loved a piece of clothing so much but it got too small or too big? At the dry cleaners they can alter clothing items for you.

Feeling inspired to get your clothes dry cleaned? Let Old Dominion Cleaners service you with free pick up and delivery at your home or office.  Visit us at



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