4 Reasons you should hire a laundry service.

4 Reasons you should spend money on having your laundry done by a laundry service.

1. Time is money.

There are only so many hours in the day – and there are only so many days in a summer. So take back those lost hours waiting for laundry to finish. Take back those wasted nights waiting for the timer to buzz for the 4th time because your apartment machines are small and require four loads. Spend your new-found time with friends, on a patio, with that much deserved glass of wine.

2. You have to spend your money on something.

I completely understand that I could be making a huge financial mistake here. I could be saving money for a trip to Portugal instead. But in reality – how often do I blow $30 on a whim at a bar? Or order an appetizer with dinner? Or get your nails done at lunch? But the point is – money gets spent. We choose how to spend it. And the laundry service is worth every penny.

3. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Can you count how many items of clothing you have ruined because I refused to separate your whites, darks, colors, your reds, delicates, and my lululmeon (because yes, lululemon recommends an entirely separate load because of “the special, porous, breathable fabric”…). Old Dominion Cleaners assures you by promising to separate all loads to avoid any color bleeding. And it has to be true based on customer experience. Check out some of our reviews:

4. Because you can.

We live in a beautiful modern world where we can pretty much do anything we want. So if you want to get your laundry professionally done, you can. Whatever the reason. The desire to save time, lack of time, lack of machine, lack of decent machine, or you’ve figured out that your free time is worth more than $7-$8 an hour. A laundry service is one of the greatest life-hacks you will ever discover.

For answers to more frequently asked laundry or dry cleaning questions, visit us at olddominioncleaners.com


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