Wash and Fold service.

wash and fold

Why spend countless hours messing with your Wash and Fold stuff at home?  Most Dry Cleaners, like Old Dominion Cleaners in Richmond, Va. will be happy to do it all for you.  All you have to do is put it away!

One of our most popular services is our Wash and Fold Service.  It’s similar to going to a laundromat but we do all the work for you.  Unlike most places, we charge by the pound, not by the load so you can feel free to pack up anything machine washable and simply leave it on the porch for pick up.  It’s one of the advantages you have when use our Free Valet Dry Cleaning Pick up and Delivery Service. We’ll  pick it up from your home or office and drop it back off!

When we receive your clothes we sort everything.  Dark clothing and light clothing are washed and dried separately.  Each item is hand folded and packed up with care to ensure it is returned to you looking great.

To get the most out of our Wash and Fold Service, we suggest the following:

  • Make sure to use your ODC bags that specify wash and fold service.  You can also let us know with a note in your laundry bag or tell one of our friendly staff you want to use the Wash and Fold service.  
  • Ensure there is no Dry Clean Only garments included.  We always follow the care label’s instructions and if it says Dry Clean Only, we will Dry Clean it.
  • Refer a friend to receive free laundering for up to 20lbs. of laundry. There is no limit on the amount of referral bonuses you can receive.

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7 Reasons to use Old Dominion Cleaners


The benefits of dry cleaning are myriad and encompass many aspects of clothing care. Here are just a few!

Professional Alterations

Old Dominion Cleaners offers the convenience of quick alterations. This service makes all your daily chores easier. Don’t sweat it; just have Old Dominion Cleaners sew it!

Simple Repair

Speaking of simple repair, Old Dominion Cleaners can re-attach a button as quickly as one-two-three. Don’t waste time and risk a possible needle poke trying to do it yourself. This service is free from us to you 90% of the time.


Old Dominion Cleaners is especially proud of the convenience of our service. We simply come to your home our office to pick up garments that need attention. This might be the number one reason to take advantage of our services.

Dry Cleaning
Prevent shrinkage and damage to your clothing. Dry cleaning itself is a process that breaks down soil and removes grease. This process keeps your favorite garments looking great and living longer.

When you leave your garments with us you can rest easy knowing that our specialists will take great care of your clothing..

As You Like

We perform our cleaning services to your exact specifications. That’s our full service product – preparing your dry cleaned garments exactly to your specifications. Light starch? No starch? Just let us know.

Fabric Expertise

If you’re reading this blog, you no doubt know that there are gaggles of fabrics – from silk to angora, polyester, synthetic blends, it can be a little overwhelming. Our specialists are experts and know ahead of time if a fabric can be negatively affected by a treatment. This will save you time, money and headache.

Ties and other accouterments are often made of delicate materials and require special handling. We know and are ready!

This is just a short list of the benefits of our services.

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Cleaning resolutions for 2016.

The New Year is upon us again and people are making resolutions—at Old Dominion Cleaners, we’re resolving to keep things neat and organized. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help keep things going smoothly.
Rotate Your Seasonal Wardrobe
We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important for organization and long term care of your clothing. By properly storing your summer or winter wardrobe, those clothes will be protected in the off-season and ready to go when you need them.

Proper storage is important. Making sure you have your winter clothing stored in a clean, dry location is key. Sending your coats, sweaters, etc., to the cleaners before putting them in storage is a great idea. That way you’ll be all set when you need them.

The simple fact is few of us have the storage space for all of our seasonal wardrobe items. Winter gear—hats, scarves, mittens—often end up in coat pockets or in a basket by the door. Swapping out your spring coats and putting them in storage for the winter, or winter coats for the spring and summer, will free up vast amounts of space. This will make it easier to de-clutter your home. This is an important step in the Keep It Clean in 2016 resolution.

Mudroom or Foyer?
It doesn’t matter what you call it—as long as you use it! The mudroom isn’t for boxes storing lawn chairs—it’s for keeping all those excess coats, jackets, mittens, boots and all the rest from cluttering up your inside closets. So use it!

Dry Cleaning
No matter how fastidious you are, winter is messy. Mud, slush and salt can take a toll on your winter wardrobe. Be sure to send your coats in to be dry-cleaned at least once a season. Removing excess salt from garments can prolong their lifespan and keep that salt from mixing in with your other laundry items.
You’ll find that you have many tools at your disposal to help you stay focused on your resolution to Keep It Clean in 2016!
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The Art Of Ironing

How do we iron hundreds of shirts?
One at a time.

We don’t have some huge, automated machine in the back ruthlessly ironing hundreds of shirts per minute all by itself.

The real magic at Old Dominion Cleaners is in skilled handwork. Our professional equipment lets us press more thoroughly, and, yes, a little faster, but not at lightning speed. At least, not if you care to do it right, which we do. We wouldn’t think of turning everything over to a machine. We insist on having your shirts cared for by a real person, carefully trained, who is really, really fussy.

You’d see for yourself if you watched us press a shirt. You’d see one of our people taking time to gingerly adjust and fuss by hand while doing the body of the shirt, and then resume fussing all over again using a special iron made just for collars and cuffs. Next, you’d see more hand-adjusting and fussing as your shirt was gently positioned, just so, on a soft, body-shaped cushion for perfect pressing.

The next step, “curing,” has no at-home equivalent. We use a special iron to smooth collars and make them perfectly round. Curing eliminates those annoying inside ridges, so the collar feels natural around the neck and folds nicely down for an even, finished look.

Even after all that, no shirt leaves our facility until one of our surest-eyed people inspects and passes it. Their job is to inspect every shirt—every single one—for the tiniest detail. On-the-spot, they use hand irons for touch-up. Most people have to squint to see what catches their trained eye. (When other cleaners call us nitpicky, we take it as a compliment.)

Don’t let our fast turnaround fool you. With every shirt, we exercise the kind of care we think you’d want us to.

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Old Dominion Cleaners makes contribution to Walk MS 2015

In full support of one of our loyal customers’ fundraising team, ODC made a contribution toward the Walk MS 2015.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. The cause of MS is still unknown – scientists believe the disease is triggered by as-yet-unidentified environmental factor(s) in a person who is genetically predisposed to respond. Learn more about MS and options for managing symptoms, treatments, coordination of healthcare, and living well with MS. Visit this link to contribute to the fight against MS and to learn more.


Walk Ms


ODC makes contribution of Bob Books to young readers.

On December 3, Old Dominion Cleaners staff had the luxury of working hand in hand with a local baker and the Lakeside Elementary School staff to bring a fun afternoon of reading to Lakeside’s preschool students.  Staff from both the baker and Old Dominion Cleaners read books to the 18 children and staff. After reading the books, the children decorated gingerbread men provided by the baker and Old Dominion Cleaners provided all the children with a set of Bob Books.  Bob Books are defined as being  a series of children’s books designed to teach reading skills acquisition . With a foundation in phonics methods, each level addresses a single stage in a child’s reading development.  Michael DeVeaux from Old Dominion Cleaners believes that the earlier these foundation are built in the children, the easier it will be in regards to development in the area of reading.