The Art Of Ironing

How do we iron hundreds of shirts?
One at a time.

We don’t have some huge, automated machine in the back ruthlessly ironing hundreds of shirts per minute all by itself.

The real magic at Old Dominion Cleaners is in skilled handwork. Our professional equipment lets us press more thoroughly, and, yes, a little faster, but not at lightning speed. At least, not if you care to do it right, which we do. We wouldn’t think of turning everything over to a machine. We insist on having your shirts cared for by a real person, carefully trained, who is really, really fussy.

You’d see for yourself if you watched us press a shirt. You’d see one of our people taking time to gingerly adjust and fuss by hand while doing the body of the shirt, and then resume fussing all over again using a special iron made just for collars and cuffs. Next, you’d see more hand-adjusting and fussing as your shirt was gently positioned, just so, on a soft, body-shaped cushion for perfect pressing.

The next step, “curing,” has no at-home equivalent. We use a special iron to smooth collars and make them perfectly round. Curing eliminates those annoying inside ridges, so the collar feels natural around the neck and folds nicely down for an even, finished look.

Even after all that, no shirt leaves our facility until one of our surest-eyed people inspects and passes it. Their job is to inspect every shirt—every single one—for the tiniest detail. On-the-spot, they use hand irons for touch-up. Most people have to squint to see what catches their trained eye. (When other cleaners call us nitpicky, we take it as a compliment.)

Don’t let our fast turnaround fool you. With every shirt, we exercise the kind of care we think you’d want us to.

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