Don’t trust a dry cleaner who only keeps one type of stain remover in the back.

At Old Dominion Cleaners, we keep several different kinds on hand, and we know how to use each one.

It only sounds like overkill. It’s necessary because every kind of stain has its own peculiarities. For salsa, you need one kind of stain remover. For gravy, you need another. You need yet another for coffee. (Coffee, by the way, is not something we recommend spilling on clothes. We’ll do our best with it, of course. But coffee is so permanent, it is used as a fabric dye.)

But there’s more to it than that. You also need to how to handle each type of fabric, and each type of fabric finish. And you need to know how each type of stain remover behaves on different fabrics and finishes. A stain remover that’s perfect for removing gravy from one kind of fabric may be harmful to another kind of fabric.

Just to make things more complicated, clothing manufacturers often put incorrect handling instructions on clothing tags. To be great at spot removal, you have to know when to believe what the tag says, and when to overrule it.

Which means that to remove stains effectively and safely, you need to know your stuff. That’s why we don’t turn new employees loose on stains. We keep up on the science, and teach it to our most experienced people only, some of whom have been with us for years. So when you bring us a stain, you can relax. You’ll know that the person who works on it is thoroughly trained and experienced on the science of stain removal and fabric care.

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