Dry cleaners do more than just clean.

One of my neighbors showed me a green Timberland light jacket that had an orange stain all over it.  The stain came from water from a rusty pipe while he was wearing it on a EcoTourist cruise in a Honduran jungle.  Another jacket had also been splashed with the rusty water, but had come clean after washing it.  This green jacket, however, had not come clean after washing it five times.  He was concerned about whether the jacket was permanently ruined.  Suspecting it was rust, I asked to take the jacket to work with the stain.  At first his answer was “no.” The jacket label said “Do not dry clean.” Once I explained we clean all types of fabrics, washables as well as dry cleaning, he agreed to let me take the jacket.   

When I returned the jacket to them a few days later, the rust was gone and it looked like new.   

 Do you have a tough stain?  As your stain removal professional  let us get it out, dry clean or machine wash.



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