Are dry cleaning delivery services safe to use?

Yes, they are quite safe! The good people at Old Dominion Cleaners services plenty of busy people, just like you, every day. We have been providing safe & reliable dry cleaning delivery service for quite some time. Hmmm… What about thieves? Used clothing isn’t normally an item of interest for most thieves. However, in the highly unlikely event that your clothes are stolen, we will quickly reimburse you for the loss. If UPS leaves boxes full of “mystery goodies” on your doorstep without a problem, you should have no problem leaving your used clothing there. What if it rains? Your clothes are delivered inside protective plastic covers, so the rain can’t touch them. However, if you prefer, when it’s raining we can hold your clothes until the following delivery day. Or, we can deliver them to an alternative spot, like inside your garage or on your back porch. What about my expensive suits? I can’t just stuff them in the laundry bag! Why not? It won’t hurt them a bit. In fact, in order to properly clean a suit, the dry cleaning machine submerges your suit in soapy solvent. It then applies significant mechanical action to remove all the dust, oil, and dirt. The wrinkles are removed afterwards with professional steam presses. What if I need next day service? No problem! Just let us know what you need and we will take care of you. We are “automatically” in your neighborhood twice a week; however we can come by any day of the week. What if I have special instructions? Just jot down a note and drop it in the laundry bag or give us a call or send us an email. We love special requests! For answers to more frequently asked questions, visit us at:


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